Central Heating Systems

Whether you are looking to install a complete new heating system inĀ  your property or require maintenance or modification to an existing system, Total Plumbing & Heating are able to help.


Having problems with your system that you suspect may be caused by incorrect design or poor installation? We can compare your system to established best practice and correct design errors as necessary. We also undertake modifications to existing systems, including relocation of radiators or provision of additional radiators, replacement of manual valves with thermostatic ones, etc.


If you do not currently have wet central heating or have a very old system that would benefit from replacement, we offer a full design and installation service. Your new system will be specifically tailored to your home so that it performs effectively and efficiently; we can design and install systems up to 70kW.


Concerned that your system is unreliable or inefficient? We undertake all aspects of central heating system maintenance. Replacement of defective components, such as pumps, radiators and motorized valves; system cleaning, including Powerflushing. If you have any concerns relating to your systems condition, such as noise, poor performance or poor efficiency, get in contact to arrange a system health check.

Magnetic dirtĀ separators

Modern condensing boilers employ complex heat-exchangers in order to maximise operational efficiency. In order to maintain their high levels of efficiency and retain operational reliability they require clean heating system water. Problems occur if a new boiler is fitted to an existing system that has issues with corrosion and contamination as this can rapidly affect the boiler. Fortunately there is a simple answer and that is to fit a magnetic system filter. We fit the Magnaclean range by Adey which are the original and, in our opinion, the best.