Gas Boiler Maintenance

Gas Boiler Servicing

We undertake servicing on all makes and models of boilers and ensure that manufacturers documentation (in electronic form) is available when undertaking a service. This ensures that the service is carried out exactly as specified by the manufacturer and that the boiler continues to operate safely and efficiently.

Why Is It Important To Have Your Boiler Serviced Regularly

Failure to have your new boiler serviced within it’s guarantee period will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty. Even for boilers that no longer benefit from a warranty, servicing is very important. In addition to the obvious safety benefits that result from regular servicing, there are other tangible reasons to do so. Routine servicing can detect minor faults that, if found early are often easily rectified. However, if left these minor issues almost invariably develop into serious faults with the potential to make the boiler unreliable, possibly inoperable and potentially unsafe.

Gas Boiler Fault Finding And Repair

You never notice your boiler until it fails! We are trained in boiler fault finding methodologies and can, almost invariably, diagnose most faults quickly and accurately. Dependant upon parts availability, same day repairs are always our objective. However, we will always be honest with you and if it is felt that your particular boiler is beyond economic repair due to it’s age, fault history or poor quality we will tell you so. Replacement of one part could just be the start of an expensive saga and in truth you may simply be throwing good money after bad, money that could be put towards a new, more reliable and efficient boiler.

Is It Time For A New Boiler?

Like any other complex electromechanical device your boiler has a finite service life, the exact length of this depends upon a number of factors. Generally, a modern (low-water content) appliance will have a service life in the region of 12-15 years; actual operational life can be as low as 5 for a poor quality appliance, installed onto a dirty system that has not been maintained/serviced regularly and adequately. If your boiler is approaching the end of it’s service life and has experienced a significant failure, is fitted to a heating system known to be in poor condition, has a history of problems and failures; particularly if it is a model with a known to be problematic then it may be time to consider replacing it with a new model.

All Makes, All Models

We undertake servicing on all makes including (in alphabetical order):

  • Alpha boilers
  • ATAG boilers
  • Ariston boilers
  • BAXI boilers
  • Biasi boilers
  • Chaffoteaux & Maury boilers
  • Heat Line boilers
  • Ferroli boilers
  • Glow.Worm boilers
  • Ideal boilers
  • Intergas boilers
  • Keston boilers
  • Potterton boilers
  • Main boilers
  • Ravenheat boilers
  • Remeha boilers
  • Saunier Duvall boilers
  • Vaillant boilers
  • Viessmann boilers
  • Vok√®ra boilers
  • Worcester Bosch boilers