Heating System Controls

Cost of heating your home

According to Government figures from DECC a massive 84% of our domestic energy consumption is used to generate hot water and heat our homes.

By adding effective controls to a domestic heating and hot-water system savings of over 50% can be achieved, according to independent research by the University of Salford.

Controls suitable for every user

Poorly designed controls can prevent the user understanding their heating system. Understanding a modern heating system can be difficult enough without a relatively simple device, such as a thermostat, providing an additional challenge. Consequently, this lack of understanding of how to effectively control their heating system can prevent the user from realising potential benefits. For these reasons we take great care, particularly when dealing with elderly customers, to assess how comfortable you are dealing with technology and provide controls that you are able to understand and operate effectively.

Top brands

We supply and fit controls by Vaillant, Honeywell and Nest. These brands are chosen because we believe they are simply the best products of their type available and within their ranges is a product to suit every requirement. Specific controls are chosen based on the situation and the users requirements.

Vaillant controls integrate well with their boilers and offer some very useful advanced features, including weather compensation, which can generate significant savings.

Honeywell controls range from simple and robust manual controls to the highly advanced evohome multi-zone system where it is possible to control each room in a property separately.

Nest offer their advanced learning thermostat with smartphone integration for lovers of technology.